Safe Travel Solutions prides itself on being licensed and fully up to date with the current safety restraint regulations. We are authorised to operate at the highest possible tier for a safety restraint fitting station. This makes purchasing your child seat and having it fitted by Safe Travel Solutions the best choice to guarantee the safety of your precious cargo! Besides having family of their own, all of our sales people are trained safety restraint specialists ensuring you the best solution for your child’s safety.

Our Child Seat services include:

  • Fitting of any legal Australian Standards approved, and in date, child safety restraint.
  • Child seat fittings for most vehicles are now $33.00 per seat. Does not include parts or cost of fittings for non-ADR34 vehicles
  • Sales of child safety restraints (car seats) by Britax Safe’n’Sound, Steelcraft and Infa Secure
  • Issuing Authorised RMS (RTA) fitting receipt for all safety restraint fitting work done by us.
  • Supplying child safety restraint fitting parts and accessories
  • Hire of child seats from one day to six months
  • Supplying & fitting all approved aftermarket child safety restraint anchor points for any vehicle, including:
    • Current & pre ADR34 series cars, sedans, station wagons & hatch backs
    • Single cab & dual cab utes
    • Commercial vans
    • Trucks
    • Buses
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Our Hire Services

You can hire for 1 day, 6 months or anywhere in between.

  • Safe’n’Sound Baby Safety Capsules and Unity infant carriers, and Steelcraft Strider Plus infant carriers
  • 0 – 4 convertible car seats
  • Booster seats

Seat Belts

Safe Travel Solutions provide:

  • the supply and fit of seatbelts for most vehicles
  • replacement belts
  • Centre rear lap/sash conversions for approved sedans (not suitable for wagons or hatchbacks)
  • 1st stage seat belt installations

Cargo Barriers

In an accident your children are sitting targets in the back seat from shifting cargo thrown forward at up to 110 kilometres per hour. A Milford cargo barrier will keep your children safe.

Milford Cargo Barriers for passenger vehicles (wagons, 4WD, SUV) are designed and tested for protection from possible disaster, even in the most demanding driving conditions. It’s incredible the damage that loose loads can do to the occupants of a vehicle when braking in an emergency or in the event of an accident or roll over. Potentially lethal loads like groceries, work gear, camping or sporting equipment can be hurled forward with great force.

Not only does the cargo barrier restrain heavy loads but in the case of a roll over it can keep the roof from collapsing by acting as a structural bulkhead. This makes it an essential safety item of any load carrying vehicle.

Compatible with child restraints… well secured

All Milford Cargo Barriers are designed with openings to allow the upper anchorage straps of a child’s seat to be well secured to the original vehicle mounts, and that means all-round safety for the kids in the car.

Dual position fittings

Most Cargo Barriers in the Milford range are designed to fit in more than one position. When the rear seats are folded down for more load space, the Cargo Barrier is simply moved forward and positioned directly behind the front seats. Milford Cargo Barriers are fitted with a Milbolt or quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement.

User friendly

Most Milford Cargo Barriers can be moved without the use of tools. So for quick access, or moving the barrier for a larger load, Milford Cargo Barriers make it easy for you.

Cargo barriers for most 4WDs and station wagons, are designed & made by Milford Industries.

Extra Seating for Wagons, 4WDs

For your growing family we have a variety of quality and reliable seat installations and conversions to suit your needs. Made to suit most makes of station wagons, 4WDs and SUVs, our range of seating options comply with the VSB5a standard and are tested to ADR 3-5 and 5.02. All seating is fully tested offering you total peace of mind when it comes to safety and insurance.

These boot space seats for children are often referred to as “dickie seats”. As these seats are designed only for children, they’re made to suit a child’s body size. This means that for Australian law they are the equivalent of a booster seat.

Work Van/Bus Conversion

We also provide a wide range of specialised vehicle conversions including van seats, cargo barriers, rubber mats, van windows, shelving and storage, timber floors and sides. This allows you the freedom to use your work vehicle, when needed, for the family too. Please refer to our Tradies page for further details on our conversions.