Vehicle Access and assistance for passengers with limited mobility is an important part of what Safe Travel Solutions do. Our friendly and caring staff work installing wheelchair lifters and ramps, hoists, electric bus steps and more to ensure mobility assistance in a variety of vehicles.

Safe Travel Solutions can:

  • Supply, fit and service Ricon wheelchair lifters
  • Supply and fit wheel chair tie-downs and tracking
  • Supply and fit manual wheelchair ramps
  • Supply and fit electric and manual bus steps for small buses and people movers
  • Provide 14 to 12 seat conversions of Hiace Commuter buses
  • Supply and fit Trunk lifts
  • Supply and fit Unwin/Sure-Lok restraint systems

If you would like some further information or assistance with products that will best suit you, please get in touch with our friendly staff who are more than happy to answer your questions.

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Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon wheelchair lifts are state of the art hydraulic lifts with many inbuilt safety features to ensure the total quality of care for the occupant using the lift. Ricon have a wide range of lifts to suit all different kinds of vans.

Ricon wheelchair lifts are the lightest on the market, which means reduced fuel consumption, reduced wear and tear on your vehicle, and less bulk slowing you down in your van. Even over a short period, a Ricon lift translates directly into reduced costs to run your vehicle.

Sure-Lok & Unwin Safety Systems

Sure-Lok & Unwin safety systems go hand in hand with Ricon’s high quality wheelchair lifts. We use the aluminium tracking system used by both Sure-Lok and Unwin to secure the wheelchair in the vehicle safely at all times. The wheelchair safety restraints by Sure-Lok and Unwin click straight into their tracking system to provide rock solid attachment for the wheelchair during transit. Unwin & Sure-Lok have a wide range of restraints to suit many applications, with 4 point wheelchair restraints with an occupant lap belt being the most popular choice.

Autochair Smart Lifters & Transfers

Autochair Smart Lifters and Transfers offer a range of hoists that make easy work of loading and unloading wheelchairs, mobility scooters and power chairs from your vehicle or transfer users from a wheelchair into a standard car seat. Unnecessary physical strain is alleviated with the click of a button. The Lifters and Transfers fit a range of vehicle types and the majority of popular makes and models.

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Our aim is to provide a service that meets the needs of our customers.

If you have a question or query regarding our Disability Access services contact us by email or phone (02) 4323 4449 for a friendly chat on how we can assist you.